K Building – Federico Santa Maria University

Architects: CCE | Arquitectos
Associate Architect:
Sacha Sinkovich
Architect in charge:
Cristóbal Correa Ehlers
Client: Universidad Técnico Federico Santa Maria
San Joaquín , Santiago, Chile.
Maria Ignacia Marín, Alvaro Muñoz, Edgardo Marinkovic
Structural Engineering:
Engineer in ChargeJose Manuel Morales

Leed Certification and Sustainability Consultant:
EA Buildings – Dr. Diego Ibarra
12.383 sqm + 2.500 sqm of green areas

K building, is a new technologies for construction research building, located in Federico Santa María University’s San Joaquin Campus. The project embraces the idea of the building “as part of the learning-process” for the different schools that use its laboratories and classrooms, by showing its “working engine” to the students, leaving every technical room at sight, so as the students walk through the building, they understand how it works, by being like a permanent exhibition of the different components that allow a building to work.

With a grey water re-use system, which will provide 15.000 lts/day coming from hand wash basins, which allows to irrigate a 100% of the green areas of the building.

With a mixed structure, made part of Steel and part of Concrete, more than 5.000 students can daily see how both structures work and the differences between them. This building is pursuing the LEED gold Certification.